What is a refraction?

A refraction is a test done to determine if glasses will help you see better. The charges for a refraction are covered by some insurances but not all. For example, Medicare does not cover refractions - only health-related procedures. So if you have a medical eye problem like cataracts, dry eyes, or glaucoma then Medicare and most other health insurances will cover the medical portion of the eye exam but not the refraction.

Some people have both health insurance, which covers medical eye problems, and a vision plan (vision plans are not really insurance but a discount plan), which provides some level of “benefits” toward “routine” eye care (no medical problems) such as refractions and eyeglasses after deductibles and co-payments are made up to a certain limit.

If you come in for a “routine” exam with no medical eye problems or complaints and you have a vision plan then the refraction may be covered by your vision plan after your deductible and co-payment.

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